Ysterplaat kids

Ysterplaat is an impoverished suburb of Cape Town. The demographics of the residents in this area are diverse in terms of age and ethnicity and it is densely populated by low-income households, refugees, migrants,  the unemployed and receivers of social grants. The district also has  many high risk and vulnerable children that fight for survival from a  very young age. When we started the Echo house in Ysterplaat in January 2018, we recognized the need for safe spaces for these vulnerable children.

In May 2018, we started with fifteen of the most vulnerable children that Ysterplaat Primary School identified. We believe in partnerships and the schools in Ysterplaat are  one of our partners. These children receive a nutritious lunch, can do their homework under supervision, and are offered stimulating activities every day of the week. This setting enables children to feel worthy and loved, and to discover their purpose in life by using their time constructively in a protected environment.

Hendriko Ockhuys is responsible for the aftercare program and a visit to them will fill you with joy and inspiration.

“Presence makes the difference” |  Jaco Strydom